Bare Lotus Aesthetics is a skincare and beauty studio that embraces the holistic health and wellbeing of its clients. Everything about Bare Lotus Aesthetics was built with vision and intent.

Lani Duran, who opened the studio in late 2018, brings the fruits of her diverse background to each person who comes in, whether they are a student seeking to train and build a career as an aesthetician or a client hoping for top-of-the-line beauty processes and skincare, or even a combination of the two, someone inspired to learn the complex art after an enriching personal experience. Bare Lotus offers a wide variety of products and procedures, ranging from permanent make-up and advanced skin care to intensive opportunities in training and externship.

One of Duran’s many specialties is CBD-infused products, and she brings years of experience and knowledge to her work with them, and a profound personal familiarity with their underlying benefits. Lani sources her products from a grower/distributor in Colorado with whom she’s been working for more than a decade, she has built a strong relationship with her source in Colorado since the state opened up as a prime locale for hemp-derived CBD, and she herself experienced a dramatic change in her quality of life from CBD-infused balms and oils. 

A core aspect of Duran’s vision lies in teaching. From the very beginning, she conceived of Bare Lotus as an apprenticeship spa, offering a much more hands-on alternative to cosmetology school for anyone, from any walk of life, who wants to put in the significant effort to become a self-sufficient expert in the field. There are considerable opportunities in working and learning there, as a number of aspects of Bare Lotus are quite unique, most particularly Duran’s expertise in CBD treatments, and she is extremely interested in passing on her knowledge as she grows her enterprise up and down the West Coast.

Apart from her experience with CBD, an industry growing massively every year, her lifelong passion for skin, tattooing, and body art informs her sense of beauty and health in a way that not every studio can claim.

The name itself, Bare Lotus Aesthetics, represents being open and vulnerable, blossoming through dark times, and harnessing the artistic ability to create.

Our logo is very deliberate - the lotus petals are colored with opal shades to represent karmic energy. The hands are holding a priceless lotus, representing the trust my clients put in me to care for their skin. The open lotus petals  hold a significant spiritual and philosophical meaning - be open to the future. The use of gold is also highly symbolic, as a precious metal and mineral. Gold is known for a wide array of health and skincare benefits.

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Meet Lani Duran, Licensed Master Aesthetician

I knew I needed the ability to still help others. So I spent '15 - '17 planning this journey, becoming a Master Aesthetician & PMU Artist. Carefully thought out.

My roots in skin care began in Colorado, while studying for my undergraduate degrees. I am for the woman who doesn’t feel her best, that struggles to see her worth, her strength, her true beauty inside and out. Who works hard, but goes unappreciated, unappreciated, undervalued. 💞 Who needs authentic, sincere genuine care.

Who always has to be strong, when you’re simply falling apart. I see you. I hear you. I understand you. I am here help you with your journey to reignite your spark ⚡️