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From our Valued Clients:

I've never been able to use many face products. I've used several moisturizers and cleansers and I always feel a sticky pasty residue. I had a great dermaplane facial with Lani and included in the aftercare pack is a great product. It actually absorbs into my skin!! I don't feel the sticky residue! I'm completely amazed. The experience was very relaxing. Lani explained what, and why she recommended each service. I've never had anyone else explain things as thoroughly.


From our Valued Clients:

Bare Lotus Aesthetics is hands down the best place to go for anything skin/lash/brow related. Lani is super educated and professional when it comes to any service she provides. She helped me created a custom skin care regimen to target my trouble areas as well as maintain results from services! I love getting my skin dermaplaned when I have a lot of dry skin build up. It helps my skin feel fresh and leaves my face glowing My favorite service is lash lifts and tints though. I am super busy in my day to day life and I rarely have time to do a full face of makeup. Getting my lashes done gives me a super easy natural look and saves me time from putting on mascara. Love Lani and her work. Highly recommend


From our Valued Clients:

Lani enrolled on my Permanent Cosmetics training program recently and having trained over 400 students she stood out of the crowd.
Dedicated to continually learning expanding and building her skills she now now brings permanent cosmetics to her lucky clients.
Highly recommended Lani for any esthetics services you need in the Olympia area and soon a VINE Certified artist too!


From our Valued Clients:

LOVE Lani!! She’s so professional, and makes you feel comfortable! She does EXACTLY what you ask, and her prices are SUPER affordable!! She’s so sweet and I love coming to her suite!!


From our Valued Clients:

Lani has been my esthetician for a couple years now and I can't read enough about how much better my skin feels since I started going to her. I have more confidence in being natural as well as working on my sparse brows with her. She really understands the depths of the skin and the care and time that it takes to improve it no matter how damaged it is. I highly recommend the microneedling service, lash lift and tint and brow henna and botox! 🤍🧖🏻♀️👌🏼


From our Valued Clients:

I have really dark little peach fuzz on my cheeks and lip and I hate it so much. Lani did the dermplaning and it is amazing. It got all the hairs and dead skin off and my face was so smooth and glowing. It made me feel better about my skin and made my makeup look better too. Easily my favorite service ever.


From our Valued Clients:

The miracles Lani has done with my skin. Omg. I thought the brown spots on my skin would be there forever. She created a treatment plan for me, and over about 6 months, doing chemical peels, the led, microneedling and some others, my skin is bright and evenly toned. I could not be happier. I even wear so much less makeup!


From our Valued Clients:

If you want the best sugaring, without being bruised or pain, go see Lani. I’ve been getting waxed and sugared for years. Lani has the best application pressure of the sugar, and really knows how to mold and remove while minimizing any discomfort. Other places have bruised me. Or had to get help from other esthetician’s. Lani really knows what she’s doing. I won’t go anywhere else. She is worth the wait.


From our Valued Clients:

The precision skill Lani has while using the dermaplane scalpel is comforting. I had been dermaplaned before, at other places in town, and always ended up with scratches or nicks or red lines going down my face. I was scared at first, because of my past experiences. But Lani restored my faith in this service and now I won’t go anywhere else. My skin is always so soft and smooth and glowing. I could not be more happier that I found her, and that she took the time to talk with me, and listen to me, and hear my concerns. And despite that, she still asked if I would allow her to dermaplane, and restore the service good name. Hands down, most polite, professional and skilled esthetician I’ve been to.


From our Valued Clients:

I always love getting my lashes done by Lani. She does this amazing cat eye look with my lash lift, and its always amazing! Love love love


From our Valued Clients:

Absolutely my favorite place to go when I need a beauty refresh. As someone who does not wear a lot of makeup, I try and keep my skin happy and healthy and my lashes and brows on point. I always get my lashes lifted and tinted for a beautiful but natural look, especially for easy no makeup days. Lash lifts/tints are easily my favorite service because they look more natural than extensions but less work and upkeep. When it comes to skin care, my skin is super sensitive. Lani created a personal skincare plan for me and helped me understand my skin and take care of it which has helped my skin to a 180. With each visit I could see major improvements. Even if you cannot make it in for regular services, Lani can help you make sure you are doing the most for you skin at home with different brand/product knowledge. Love this place and how passionate Lani is about her work :)


From our Valued Clients:

Very professional. Knew what she was doing. Made me feel comfortable. Genuinely concerned about my skin. I would recommend this business to anyone.


From our Valued Clients:

I referred my sister to Lani and will continue to refer people! I love the work she does. Super knowledgeable and explains her processes. Definitely worth the investment! I am excited to see her and her business grow!


From our Valued Clients:

I've known lani for years at this point and watching her grow has been amazing. She definitely has her head on her shoulders and is SMART. I'm usually hesitant to get services done by my clients because I don't like to mix personal and business life BUT Lani has proved me wrong, I've been 100% happy with the work she's done with my skin. I urge you to contact her and let HER suggest what service you should book for. Also, please take her suggestions on products and let her order them for you. I can't even begin to explain how much better her products are than any available in Ulta, Sephora, etc. (and we are talking about the same price range too! Not even more expensive than the nice stuff at big name stores).

-Jessica T.